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  • X Terminal emulator
  • Makes using the command line easier
  • Use different profiles for different tasks
  • Set scrollback limit and save contents to file
  • Right-click on links to open in user's default web browser
  • Open current path in user's file manager
  • Translucent background available when desktop effects are enabled
  • The unique value of the environmental variable SHELL_SESSION_ID persists across all desktop sessions


Konsole also provides an embedded KPart terminal which is used by apps such as Yakuake, Dolphin, and Kate, giving users a consistent and familiar interface when working in the command line.



With Konsole you can change the language to plain English (to see bugs info for example) by command:

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8


  • Switch tab: Shift + Left, Shift + Right (not like X-Chat, Firefox, Quanta, Kdevelop).


Quanta and Kdevelop use Alt + Left, Alt + Right. However, Shift + Direction has the advantage of being reachable with one hand on virtually all keyboard layouts, while Alt keys are sometimes only on the left of the keyboard (e.g. in Germany).
  • New tab: Shift + Ctrl + T.

Label your Tabs


If you regularly use a lot of tabs, you'll sometimes find it convenient to label them. Just double-click on the tab and you'll get a re-name dialogue.


  • To add a new profile go to Settings -> Profile Management -> New Profile
  • On the General tab, enter the new profile name and change the icon if desired.
  • If this is to be a root konsole, enter the command /bin/su -


This command will not work on any distro that uses sudo (like Ubuntu). On such distributions use:
sudo su
or just prepend all your commands that requires superuser privileges with sudo.
  • Font size can also be changed on the Appearance tab.

Editing a profile
  • On the Manage Profiles screen you can add or remove a star, which controls whether that profile is to be offered on the File menu.


You can change the padding between the border and the contents of Konsole (the "margin" or "gutters" between window border and text) by editing your profile file in .local/share/konsole/[name of profile] and adding:


The number after "TerminalMargin" can be edited to whatever size you prefer. After that you need to log out and then log in to show the changes.

Per Konsole tab Bash history

If you want each Konsole tab to remember its own individual bash history, and restore it with the session after a reboot or log out/in, add the following line in your ~/.bashrc:



Help with Development

If you are interested in helping with Konsole's development, check out how to help the Konsole team.


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