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Rekonq's User Interface

By default, rekonq uses only a main toolbar. The main toolbar occupies very little space, leaving most of the window to display webpages. This minimalist approach to the main toolbar marks the most significant departure from the more traditional looking Konqueror. Again, unlike Konqueror, the main toolbar offers limited customization - just Orientation (locked at the top of the window, by default), Icon size (medium, by default) and Icon labels (not shown, by default).

When started, rekonq displays the New Tab page, which offers a customizable set of preview thumbnails of favorite webpages. These thumbnails offer a speedy way for the user to access their most frequently used webpages. A pane at the top of this page allows the user to view previews of recently closed tabs and lists of bookmarked webpages and browsing history.

Bookmarks may also be shown as a toolbar or as a (detachable) side panel. A similar side panel exists for viewing the browsing history as well.