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{{Special:ContributionScores/10/7}} displays the contribution score tables on a page

For example of using citations, see Digikam/Lens_Distortion


Now controlled by a template


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The KMail Welcome Screen
KMail is the email component of Kontact, the integrated personal information manager of KDE.
The KMail Welcome Screen
KMail is the email component of Kontact, the integrated personal information manager of KDE.

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Internet en netwerken

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Blogging client Windows Live Writer Blogilo
BitTorrent Client BitTorrent KTorrent, KMLDonkey, KGet
Download Manager FlashGet KGet
eDonkey Client eMule KMLDonkey
E-mail Client Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail Apple Mail KMail
Feed Aggregator Akregator
PIM Outlook Kontact
Web Browser Internet Explorer Safari Konqueror, rekonq
Instant Messaging Client Windows Live Messenger iChat, Adium Kopete, KMess
IRC Client mIRC Colloquy Konversation

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- a huge collection of calendars with a broad range of topics

Code Display

“for images that contain substantial areas of constant color a linear 
histogram will often be dominated by a single bar. In this case a logarithmic
histogram will often be more useful.”


These are deprecated. Use {{Input} and {{Output}} templates instead


 See footnote

Support for this application can be found from the project's home page

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