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Creating Calendars Using Digikam

Transcribed from Mohamed Malik's web post, 18 February 2011. Last updated in 2019, with new screenshots and some small corrections.

Did you know that you could create calendars using DigiKam? It is very simple and easy to do this. First you need to select some photos, most preferably 12 photos so that those 12 photos corresponds to 12 months in the calendar.

Digikam calendar1.png

After, selecting the pictures go to Tools -> Create Calendar.

Digikam calendar2.png

When you do this, this window will appear.

Digikam calendar3.png

Here you can alter your settings.

Paper size
You have two choices standard A4 and US Letter size.
You have two choices High or Low
Image position
Set which position in which the images appear in the calendar.
Draw lines on calendar
Meaning that you can either disable or enable the lines which appear.
Image to text ratio
Increase the size of the image or decrease them according to the ratio, move the slider and the preview will change as you adjust it.
Set your font
Choose a default font to be used.
Choose the year to be used.

Una volta completato questo passaggio fai clic su Successivo nella procedura guidata e vedrai questa finestra:

Digikam calendar4.png

The website iCalshare has many great templates that can be used. They are free to use and download. All you need to do is register an account with them. It includes templates which contain much information on public holidays and events of many countries. I searched this website for Maldives, however I didn’t find anything about my country here, so I skipped this.

If you are using KOrganizer to organize your daily work and if you have marked special days like birthdays of friends and relatives you could really use this feature. And it is a very simple process. Open up KOrganizer, go to File -> Export -> Calendar and save the calendar file on to your computer. Then select the folder button on the window from the current screenshot and show it to the file manager and select Open. This will add that to your calendar. Then press Next in the wizard. And you will see this window.

Digikam calendar5.png

Quando hai fatto tutto premi Stampa e verrà generato un PDF di 12 pagine proprio come un calendario.

You can either send it directly to your printer or print to a PDF file. However according to my personal opinion it will be a wise decision to print to PDF first so that you can see what you have created. If you need to change the printer properties, press Properties. You will be able to change the page layout (portrait, landscape) and the units of measurements (cm, inches, px, etc.). By default, the output file will be made in your home folder. If you need to change the location press the button on the right and specify manually.

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