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OpenPGP cursos em seu país

KMail contém extenso suporte para o padrão de criptografia OpenPGP (criptografia e assinaturas); KDE ainda contém um aplicativo dedicado para gerenciamento de chaves OpenPGP [1] usadas em e-mail: KGpg. OpenPGP é gratuito (tanto como um cerveja grátis e como na liberdade de expressão) e muito flexível; muitos outros clientes de correio suportam OpenPGP seja diretamente (como KMail) ou através de add-ons / plugins (por exemplo, Thunderbird, com certas limitações até mesmo Outlook).

It is desirable that you make yourself familiar with this subject. Using it is less complicated than you probably guess. Especially if you get help with the setup then it is possible even without in-depth knowledge to use the core functions without trade-offs in security.

In Germany there is a non-commercial project for supporting and listing free OpenPGP courses. The projects aims at both beginners (offering help to them), experts (for getting more people help beginners) and people of any expertise for supporting the propagation of OpenPGP on an organizational level. This is the international site. As soon as similar projects exist for countries connected to this language they will be listed here.

OpenPGP information not specific to KMail

Not as useful as courses but as something to start with:

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