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    KWord Command Line Options

    You can specify some initial actions for KWord. The most commonly used options are discussed below with instructions on finding help on the rest of the command line options.

    Specifying the file name

    Probably the most common command line option used is to specify the file to edit.

    The format for specifying the file name is:

    $kword filename


    $ kword Resumé.kwd

    This will cause KWord to load Resumé.kwd for editing.

    Show KWord version

    To see the version numbers for the QT toolkit, KDE, and KWord type:

    $ kword -v

    Show the license for KWord

    To see the license for KWord type:

    $ kword --license

    Show KWord developer list

    To see the list of developers for KWord type:

    $ kword --author

    Other command line options

    There are many other, rarely used, command line options. You can get detailed help on these options by typing:

    $ kword --help

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