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    Credits and Licenses

    KWord Copyright 1999-2005 by The KWord Team

    KWord Developers (Alphabetically)

    • Dag Andersen (danders AT
    • John Califf (jcaliff AT
    • Frank Dekervel (frank.dekervel AT
    • Krister Wicksell Eriksson (krister.wicksell AT
    • David Faure (faure AT
    • Nicolas Goutte (goutte AT
    • Shaheed Haque (srhaque AT
    • Simon Hausmann (hausmann AT
    • Nash Hoogwater (nrhoogwater AT
    • Stephan Kulow (coolo AT
    • Sven Lüppken (sven AT>)
    • Laurent Montel (montel AT
    • Daniel Naber (daniel.naber AT
    • Reginald Stadlbauer (reggie AT
    • Werner Trobin (trobin AT
    • Torben Weis (weis AT
    • Joseph Wenninger (jowenn AT
    • Thomas Zander (zander AT

    KWord Import/Export Filter Developers (Alphabetically)

    • Enno Bartels (ebartels AT
    • Wolf-Michael Bolle
    • Matthias Kalle Dalheimer (kalle AT
    • Clarence Dang (dang AT
    • Frank Dekervel (frank.dekervel AT
    • Nicolas Goutte (goutte AT
    • Tomasz Grobelny (grotk AT
    • Shaheed Haque (srhaque AT
    • Ariya Hidayat (ariya AT
    • Robert Jacolin (rjacolin AT
    • Michael Johnson
    • Ewald Snel (ewald AT

    KFormula developers

    • Andrea Rizzi (rizzi AT
    • Ulrich Kuettler (ulrich.kuettler AT

    KOffice 1 Documentation by Mike McBride

    This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

    This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License v2.

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