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When I try to load a document or picture, it does not appear in my dialog box, but I know I saved it there. Why can I not see it?

Check to make sure that you have selected the correct file type in the open dialog box. If you save a file in one format, but ask KWord to show you the files from another format, you will not see your saved file.

What is a kwd file? What is a kwt file?

A kwd file is a KWord document.

A kwt file is a KWord template file.

Where can I get updates?

For updates to KWord you should always check the following sites:

The KOffice website ( is the first place to look for updates. Any software updates, bug fixes or announcements of new releases of KOffice will be found here.

Addons for KOffice can be found at 14.4.

How do themes affect KWord?

KWord (like all of KOffice) is completely themeable. You can use any QT or KDE theme to customize the look of KWord.

Can I use KWord to read Microsoft® Word files?

KWord does have the ability to import Microsoft® Word files. The conversion process is not perfect, and some formatting information will be lost. For more details please refer to the Import/Export Filters section of the documentation.

Can I save my KWord document as a Microsoft® Word file?

At the moment, KWord does not yet provide support for exporting to Microsoft® Word documents. If you need to exchange documents with MS Word, you should use Rich Text Format as an intermediate file format. Rich Text Format files are converted well by both Microsoft® Word and KWord,

Can I save my KWord document as a PDF file?

Yes. Instructions on creating a PDF file are found here.

I have to exchange documents with a friend who does not have KWord; what is the best way to do this ?

What you and your friend need to do is agree on a file format that both word processors can read and write effectively. Rich Text Format is probably a good choice.

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