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    Mike McBride

    KWord has the ability to directly create formulae using the formula editor common to all KOffice applications.

    This is a formula editor for creating graphical versions of formulas. KWord does not currently have the ability to solve mathematical equations.

    Add a formula

    There are three ways to insert a formula into a document:

    • By selecting Insert->Formula from the menubar
    • Using the keyboard shortcut: F4
    • or by clicking on the toolbar.

    KWord creates a formula frame at the current cursor location.

    Formula frames behave differently than most other frames in KWord:
    • All formula frames are inserted inline by default. This frame can later be converted to a non-inline frame later.
    • Formula frames expand and contract depending on the resulting size of the formula.
    • Formula frames automatically determine where in the line they are lined up.

    Moving a formula

    By default, formula frames are created as inline frames by default. The formula frame will move with the text as any other inline frame would.

    If you want to have more control over where the formula is placed, you can convert it to a framed formula by clicking on the frame surrounding the formula with the right mouse button. A popup menu will appear. Simply select Inline Frame and the formula will now be a freely movable frame.

    Once converted to a freely movable frame, you can move the frame just like any other frame in KWord.

    Removing a formula

    To delete a formula in KWord, simply delete the frame around it.

    Editing a formula

    Editing a formula is beyond the scope of this documentation. Please see the KFormula handbook for help with the editing of the formula.

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