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Proposed for Deletion

This page has been proposed for deletion for the following reason:

KWord has been superseded by Calligra Words.

Please use the discussion section of this page to voice your opinion on this.

Filters included in KWord

KWord comes with the following filters:

Application Import Export
Abiword Yes Yes
AmiPro Yes Yes
Applixword Yes No
HTML Yes Yes
KPresenter Yes No
Hancom Word Yes No
Magic Point Presentation Yes No
Microsoft® Powerpoint Yes No
Microsoft® Word Yes No
Microsoft® Write Yes Yes
Oasis OpenDocument Yes Yes Presentation Yes No Text Document Yes Yes
Palm Document Yes Yes
PDF Yes No
Plain Text Yes Yes
RTF Yes Yes
TeX Document No Yes
WML Yes Yes
WordPerfect® Yes Yes
XML Yes No

For details on each filter, please refer to the KOffice filters web page.

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