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    Affine Transition

    Generates image rotation in 3D space, skew and distortion.

    Provides keyframable animated affine transformations with dissolve functionality.

    In many applications, this transition can be used instead of a Composite transition and this provides a workaround to the composite transition "green tinge" bug reported by some. (Mantis #2759)

    Example 1

    Affine Transition

    Disolve using Affine Transition

    To add a Dissolve, change the opacity to zero percent.

    Rotation using Affine Transition

    To rotate the image, add a keyframe and enter values for rotation. The units are 10ths of degrees. (e.g. 900 = 90 degree rotation).

    Rotate X rotates the frame in the plane of the screen.

    Rotate Y and Rotate Z create the illusion of 3D rotation when used dynamically with keyframes - see example below.

    You can create a similar effect using the Rotate (keyframable) effect from the Crop and Transform group.

    Example 2 - Rotate Y

    This example is created using 3 keyframes. The second keyframe is shown below with a Rotate Y value of 1800 (=180 degrees). Keyframe one and keyframe three both have Rotate Y values of zero.

    Keyframe two
    Timeline for this demo clip

    The difference between Rotate Y and Rotate Z is that the apparent rotation in Rotate Y appears to be around a horizontal axis. The rotation in Rotate Z appears to be around a vertical axis