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  • 多くのウェブカメラ、カメラ、そしてビデオカメラに対応しています
  • 低解像度のAVIファイルから、プロ仕様のカメラで撮影された高解像度のHD動画まで扱えます
  • マルチトラック形式により、動画と音声を分けて扱うことができます
  • 動画と正確に同期させるために、マルチトラックの音声ファイルをカットすることができます
  • 多くのエフェクト、切り替え効果が付いています
  • カスタムエフェクト・切り替え効果が使えます
  • 多くの標準規格のファイルを出力できます
    • DV (PAL または NTSC)
    • 高品質なH.264
  • 多数のコーデック・フォーマットに対応し、異なった形態の素材を混ぜることができます
    • MPEG-2、MP4、H.264 動画
    • MP2、MP3、AC3 音声
    • ロスレスビデオ (SNOWロスレスコーデック等)
    • フリー規格動画 (Ogg vorbis等)
  • 無制限のアンドゥが可能です
  • 多数のファイル形式に出力できるだけでなく、Dailymotion、Vimeo、YouTubeといったウェブサイトへの投稿にも対応しています


The Kdenlive project started in 2002 by Jason Wood.

The port to KDE4 started in 2008[1] by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle. This was an almost complete rewrite from the KDE3 version, that wasn't originally made to work with MLT. The KDE4 rewrite was finished in November 2008, with the release of Kdenlive 0.7[2]

During the Randa meeting in August 2014, Kdenlive developers discussed the possibility to make Kdenlive an official KDE project.[3].

In 2017, the development team of Kdenlive started a big refactoring of the timeline feature[4]. The refactoring moves the timeline feature to QML and allows better code maintainability. The refactoring ended in April 2019 with a sprint in Lyon[5].


Some screenshot

Kdevenlive win1.png

Kdevenlive win2.png

Kdenlive 20.08 color grading tools.png

Learn Kdenlive with:

Getting involved

Get involved by contributing to this documentation, joining the community wiki and reporting issues.

Press coverage

Kdenlive has made appearances in the tech press:

  • 2009-10-15 Linux Journal wrote a comprehensive review, which ended with the verdict "There's a lot to like about Kdenlive, and I like it a lot. Its feature set is full enough to satisfy basic desktop video production needs, and its workflow is uncomplicated and easy to learn."


Kdenlive is available in multiple GNU/Linux distribution repositories, but also as Appimage, Flatpack and Snap. Kdenlive is also available for Windows and old version are also available for MacOS. For more information consult the Kdenlive download page.

Installation Instructions
If you need help to install Kdenlive, look at this tutorial about how to install KDE software.

You can also directly compile from source, in this case consult the developer wiki for Linux build and this blog post for Windows build.


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