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This section is meant to answer frequently asked questions about Kig that I get from users. If you still have any questions or think a question is missing here, please let me know.

Using Kig

How can I import a macro file?
Once you have a macro file, you can import it into Kig using one of these instructions (tailored for a typical Linux system):
  • Global installation (requires the root privileges), install a macro for every Kig users on that machine: place it in $KDEDIR/share/apps/kig/builtin-macros/. The new macro(s) will be available in Kig the next time you start Kig.
  • Local installation, install a macro only for the user which installed it: in Kig, select Types -> Manage Types, click on the Import button, select the macro file(s) you want to import, and you're done.
You can find some Kig macros in the Macro Repository.
Is it possible to edit a Python script? How?
It is possible with Kig 0.10.6 (shipped with KDE 3.5.4) and above versions. To edit a Python script, just right click on the object produced by the script, and select Edit Script.... Then edit the script and a click on Finish will apply your changes.
Have a look at the Kig Python scripting API Documentation.