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KrossWordPuzzle is a crossword playing game and editor.


You can use KrossWordPuzzle to play crosswords or to create new crosswords. It can open and save *.puz-files (AcrossLite) and its own *.kwp files (which are XML files) or *.kwpz (which are compressed *.kwp files). You can download lots of crosswords from within the game.

KrossWordPuzzle is a community application  See footnote .


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  • Many crossword types:
    • American
    • Swedish
    • Number Puzzle
    • Crossnumber
    • User defined crossword types based on a set of rules
    • Barred crosswords can be played/designed in each type (bars added automatically)
    • See Crossword Types for a detailed description of the different crossword types
  • Many cell types:
    • Empty Cells
    • Letter Cells
    • Clue Cells (containing the clue text, e.g. for Swedish crosswords)
    • Double Clue Cells (two half clue cells inside one cell in the crossword grid)
    • Image cells (can be stretched across multiple cells, can display local or remote images)
    • Solution Letter Cells (all solution letter cells of a crossword form its solution word)
  • A Library, to store crosswords in
    • Add crosswords in different file formats to the library (.puz, .kwp, .kwpz)
    • Download lots of .puz-crosswords from the Internet directly into the library
    • Export to many file formats (.puz, .kwp, .kwpz, .pdf, .ps, .png, .jpg)
    • Thumb creator for crossword files. It's used to get thumbnails for crosswords in the library. Can also be enabled for crossword files in Dolphin.
  • Print crosswords, or print preview
  • Themes. There are currently three themes available: Default, Scribble and an Egyptian theme.
  • Features in Playing Mode (edit mode not enabled)
    • Give hints, check and solve whole crosswords or single answers/letters
    • Set confidence values for filled out letter cells
    • Clue list in a dock, which also shows the current answers
    • Eraser tool to clear letter cells / whole clue answers
    • Context menus for all cells
    • Easy navigation using the mouse and/or the keyboard, there are also navigation commands in the Move menu and in the toolbar
    • Fill out crosswords by selecting clues and writing the answer with the keyboard directly in the crossword view
  • Edit crosswords (edit mode)
    • Add / remove / change clues and images
    • Change correct letters
    • Interactively change selected cells in a dock (clue texts / orientation / answer offset / dictionary / ..., image sources / cell span / ...)
    • Convert between crossword types
    • Resize the crossword grid
    • Move all cells in the grid
    • Interactively change answer-lengths by dragging a bar after the last letter cell of a clue
    • Check for 180 degree rotation symmetry
    • View statistics
    • Templates for new crosswords
    • Undo / redo for all edit actions. The undo stack can also be saved with the crossword in XML files
    • A dictionary to find matching answers for new clues
    • A solution word can be defined by converting some letter cells to "solution letter cells". The solution word is displayed in a toolbar
    • Context menus for editing
  • Restore lost crosswords after a crash of the game (hopefully there are none ).

More Help is on these Pages

KrossWordPuzzle has a page on, where you can download the latest sources and binary packages for various distributions.

Support for this application can be found from the project's home page