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Marble 1.0 for Maemo is available for the Nokia N900 smartphone. This page guides you through the installation process: Installation of Marble itself and - optionally - adding more map themes and installing support for offline routing.

For the impatient, in a nutshell: Install the marble package in the Navigation section from the Maemo extras repository to install Marble. Additional map themes are contained in the marble-maps package in the Navigation section. Support for offline routing is provided by the monav-routing-daemon package, again in the Navigation section.


If you prefer watching a video to reading instructions, please head over to our tutorial video. The first part shows the installation. (German speaker)

Installing Marble

Get your N900 within reach. Don't own one? Time to move on, this page will be of no use to you. On the N900, open the program manager. Choose Download and open the Navigation section. Scroll down and select marble. Follow the usual installation process steps.

Installing Additional Map Themes

The Marble - Virtual Globe package installed from the extras repository uses the OpenStreetMap map theme. Looking for something different? Atlas, Satellite and many other choices will be available when you install the Marble Maps package in the Navigation section of the program manager.

Within Marble, you can switch map themes in the Map View dialog available from the application menu. Please read on in the Map Themes Tutorial for a comprehensive overview of available map themes and their configuration.

Support for Offline Routing

Do you intend to use your N900 for routing? Without an Internet connection? Make sure to install the monav-routing-daemon package in that case. Just like the marble-maps package it can be installed from the Navigation section of the Maemo package manager.


Make sure to install the correct version of monav-routing-daemon: Version 0.2.release-2 from the extras repository works with all versions of Marble. Version 0.3.release-1 from extras-devel works with Marble 1.1.1 and later.

Marble will automatically include Monav for offline routing once the correct version of monav-routing-daemon is installed. You do need to install offline maps, however. This can be done conveniently from within Marble: See Offline Routing