Working with Google Contacts

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These instructions are only valid for kdepim and Korganizer version 4.3.7 and later. There are significant differences in the older versions, therefore, some instructions may not apply.


For demonstration purposes, the Google account used in this tutorial is [email protected]

How to synchronize Google Contacts with Kontact

Installing the Google Data API

To synchronize Google Contact and Calendar data, the Akonadi Google Data API must be installed on your system. Depending on your package manager, the install procedure may be different.

To install it, enter a terminal and type:

DEB based distributions: sudo apt-get install akonadi-kde-resource-googledata
RPM based distributions: yum install akonadi-googledata

This will install the akonadi-kde-resource-googledata package as well as its prerequisite, libgcal0


Your distro may not have apt-get or yum installed by default. Some distros use their own package managers. If so you can use that to install apt-get (on a DEB based distro) or yum (on an RPM based distro), or you can use your systems standard package manager to install the required packages directly. Some distros have entirely different packaging systems. Is your distro is one of those you should refer to the distro manual, to its web page or to its forums.


This instruction does not apply to later versions of Kdepim. Instead, the requirements are built-in. To see whether your version has this, check System Settings -> Personal Information and see whether you have google-contacts offered as a resource (in some versions you will find akonadi_gcal_resource4).

Configuring Kontact Integration

After installing the packages, go to the Contacts area of the Kontact left navigation bar. Next, on the first panel, the Address Books panel, right click the window and select Add Address Book. Ensure that the Akonadi Google Contacts Resource is selected, and then click OK.

A pop-up window will appear that will ask for your Google account login credentials. Enter them and click OK. Check the box next to the akonadi_google_resource_0 and then press F5 to update your contacts.

Animated GIF Tutorial


This animated GIF recaps the steps taken to obtain Google contacts synchronization.

Your contacts have now been synchronized!