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Entering Data Using Forms

Data entering and editing is usually the task of the user of the database application. The designer of the database should check the form in terms of valid data entry, and see whether the form works as expected.

To test your form, switch to its data view. A single database row (record) of data will be displayed and a text cursor will be set inside the first data field. You can move between fields using the left mouse button or the Tab and Shift + Tab keys. While editing, there will be a pencil icon visible near the record navigator. After entering the row's (record) data you can press the Shift + Enter keys or click the Save Record toolbar button to accept changes made to the current row. Clicking the Cancel Record Changes toolbar button discards changes made to the current row and restores the contents of the data fields. You can use the record navigator's button to move to a new row. All the navigator's functions are also available in a similar way as in the data table view.