Setări Ale Sistemului

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250px|thumb KDE system manager for hardware, software, and workspaces.


  • System manager for global KDE platform settings
  • Customize and manage your desktop in one convenient location
  • Search function helps narrow down probable settings
  • Pointing at an icon displays a tooltip with more information about it


When the keyboard focus is in the icon window, you can type the first few letters of any module name to select it.

System Settings has a search function to help in hunting down a setting. Simply type in a keyword in the Search field in the toolbar and System Settings will display modules that contain the keyword and hide those that don't.

thumb|265px|În căutarea "cheii".

You can also search for and open System Settings modules in KRunner.



Look and Feel

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Look And Feel Customize Plasma in one click.

Workspace Theme

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Workspace Theme Customize your plasma theme, cursor theme, and splash theme all from here.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Color Here you can choose which color scheme to use on the desktop and in applications. You can also tweak the settings for individual elements.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Fonts (Category) Configure which fonts you want to use in window bars, menus, and elsewhere.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Icons Here you can choose which icon theme to use for your workspace, and how large you want them to be.

Application Style

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Application Style Customize your systems widget style (button themes), window decorations (how your titlebars look), and how GNOME (GTK) applications look..


Desktop Behavior

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Desktop Behavior Configure desktop effects such as window animations, transparency, or the desktop cube.

Windows Management

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Windows Management Configure Kwin the KDE windows manager.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Shortcuts Configure keyboard shortcuts.

Startup and Shutdown

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Startup and Shutdown Configurează-ţi comportamentul sistemului atunci când îl porneşti sau opreşti.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Search Settings for the desktop search engine and the file indexer.


Acccount Details

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Account Details Manage users and configure password manager.

Regional Settings

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Regional Settings Configure language, time formats, date and more


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Notifications Configure notifications.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Applications Configure default applications, file associations, and more.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Accessibility Settings to help users who have difficulty hearing audible cues, or who have difficulty using a keyboard.

Online Accounts

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Online Accounts Add your google, ownCloud or Twitter account, for a better integration.



48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Connections Preferences for your network connections.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Settings Additional settings about your connection, Konqueror and SMB shares


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/Bluedevil Preference about Bluetooth.


Input Devices

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Input Devices Configurează-ţi desktop-ul,mouse-ul şi joystick-ul.

Display and Monitor

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Display and Monitor Configuration of your monitor(s) and screensaver settings.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Multimedia Configure the handling of audio CDs

Power Management

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Power Management Global settings for the power manager.


48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Printers Configure your printers to work with plasma.

Removable Storage

48px|link=Special:myLanguage/System Settings/Removable Storage Configure automatic handling of removable storage media and which actions are available when a new device is connected to your machine.

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