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In this chapter you will learn how to use Tellico to manage your personal collection. Tellico can manage many types of collections , which includes books , bibliography , comic , video , music , coin , stamp , card , wine , camp and file.

In this software , you can manage you collections just like edit files , it quite convenience. By default, the software will create a book collection.

Collect your books


Add a book entry

There is two methods to add a book entry provided in Tellico. You could type it manually or search the book from the Internet.

Type it manually

  • Step1. Click "entering data manually" or the button "New"

  • Step2. Type the information of the book.

There is 6 tabs.

    • General : General information such as the name of the book , etc.

    • Publishing : Something about the publish of the book.

    • Classification : The class of the book.

    • Personal : Your rate of this book . How do you think of this book?

    • Front Cover : The front cover of this book . Click "Select Image" to select an image from the disk. If you have a scanner , you may click "Scan Image" to scan the front cover of the book .

    • Comments : Your comments of this books.

Search from the Internet

Also, you can search the information of the books via Internet. In this case , you may need not to type so many things.

  • Step1. Click "Downloading data" or "Search"
  • Step2. Type the name or the author or something about the book.

  • Step3. Choose the type of the information you typed.

  • Step4. Choose the source to search for.

  • Step5. CLick "Search" , and the software will search the information on the internet. The result will be displayed on the blank. When you choose an item , the details of this book will be fetched and showed. If you find the book , just click "Add Entry"

  • The result:

Adding more books via this method:

Organize the collection

By default , the collection is organized by people. But you can change it :

Organized by language:

Organized by publisher:


Type some information in the filter , then only the books that are connected with what you typed in will be showed.

Change your rate or comment

If you just download some data about a book from the Internet , but you want to add your rate or comment , right-click on the book:

click "Edit Entry"

Then choose "Personal" or "Comments" or the tab you want to change.

Then click "Save Entry"

The result is:

Collect something other

Well, Tellico can help you to collect many thing not only the books. For instant, it can help you to collect the videos. The ways to add entry is just almost the same as the book collection!

To create a video collection:

Well , this is my movie collection. I really love Swedish and Finnish films , especially Lukas Moodysson , am I?

Save your collection

In tellico , your collection will be saved as a *.tc file. CLick "Save" to save this collection.

Download Extra scripts

The tellico could search information from sites that are widely used in the world , such as But there is some other sites may be useful for you. If you are lucky , some KDE users may have write some scripts to fetch information from these sites! Just visit:

Some other information about this can be found at :

Also , the documentation of Tellico explain every field of the book information.