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KOrganizer Bild-für-Bild Anleitung

Das KOrganizer Hauptfenster
Das ist das KOrganizer-Hauptfenster - es ist in drei Bereiche unterteilt: in der oberen linken Ecke sehen Sie die Datumsübersicht, darunter befindet sich die Aufgabenliste und auf der rechten Seite befindet sich die Hauptansicht des Kalenders.

Adding a new event
Adding a new appointment or event to KOrganizer is just as simple as that. Simply click on the new event-button in the KOrganizer symbol menu and enter all the information you want to store concerning this new event.

Inviting other people
Do you want to invite further people to your meeting? No problem. Just add the given names and e-mail addresses and send the information to the people you want to invite by e-mail.

Recurring events
Do you want to be reminded about birthdays or your wedding day? KOrganizer fully supports recurring events like these, so you won't forget to go and get some flowers or a new tie for your wife or husband Face-smile.png

Adding new ToDo items
Adding a new todo item is just as easy and intuitive as adding a new appointment. Add a short summary of the todo, a time associated with it and also be reminded of that job.

Configuring KOrganizer
Make KOrganizer fit to your personal needs. Add your personal information (e.g. your name and e-mail address), a color scheme of your choice and configure the group scheduling of KOrganizer.

Print your KOrganizer entries
Print korg.png
Sometimes it's quite helpful to have a hardcopy of your appointments and todo's with you. So just print it out, take it to your meeting and scribble down some notes ...

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