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Hry a hračky


KDE komunita si uvědomuje hodnotu a důležitost zábavy a rekreace v každodenním životě. Z tohoto důvodů také tým KDEGames dodal širokou paletu her s úchvatnou grafikou, které Vás zaujmou, pobaví a udrží si Vaši pozornost po dlouhé příjemně strávené hodiny. Vyberte si kartu, vyhýbejte se míčům, či dokonce dobývejte svět, to vše z pohodlí Vašeho počítače. Ale pozor, je to návykové.


Tým KDEGames usiluje o vytváření pouze těch nejzábavnějších a nejpoutavějších her tím, že se velmi zabývá detaily her a používá nejnovější technologie KDE. Navštivte internetové stránky týmu

Poznámka: Všechny aplikace níže odkazují na své stránky na KDEGames



Vyplňte alespoň 75% herního pole pro postup do dalšího kola. Při vyplňování se musíte vyhýbat odrážejícím se koulím.


Swap two adjacent diamonds to form a line of three similar diamonds to eliminate as much as you can within the time limit.


Collect all the gold while avoiding pursuing enemies. Or dig holes to trap and walk over them.




Move colored balls to form a line of 5 similar balls as quickly as possible to make them vanish before the board fills up with multicolored balls.


A top-down 2D miniature golf game that can accommodate up to 10 players.


Use your mouse to dodge red balls in the field. Be careful as the ball increase in number and vary in speeds.


Eliminate your opponents satellite while controlling your own satellite revolving around a sun. Don't get too close or your will burn up.



Opponents alternate in placing their pieces on the board trying to connect five pieces in an unbroken row while trying to block the opponent's pieces.

Naval Battle

Battle Ship game for KDE workspaces. Players try to sink each other's ships without knowing where they are.


Remove all the stacked tiles from the board by finding each tile's pair as fast as possible.


Capture your opponents pieces and turn them over to your color. Get control over majority of the board to win.


Similar to Mahjongg, except the tiles are not stacked on top of one another. Find a tile's pair to remove them from the board.


Be the first to get four connected pieces of your color into a straight row of any direction.





A relaxing solitaire game. Arrange the cards in a certain order, either by the same color or alternating colors, in the shortest time possible.

LSkat (Lieutenant Skat)

A two-player card game based on the German Skat game. Win by scoring more than 60 points in one game.



Earn the most score points by rolling 5 dice up to three times in a single turn.


Conquer all squares on a board either by occupying an empty square or conquering your opponent's. A maxed out square will distribute its points around it, causing empty squares to be occupied. Watch out for chain reactions!



An educational and fun game based around molecular geometry. Form the resemblance of a molecule by sliding atoms around.


A game of hide and seek. Use lasers and markers to guess the location of hidden atoms in the box.


Uncover all the squares without triggering a mine. A classic Minesweeper game.


Construct a network by connecting all terminals to the server with wires by rotating these elements around. Use as few rotations as possible.


Players take turn in connecting two adjacent dots to form a square. The player with the most number of completed squares win.


Fill the grid so that each column, row as well as each square sector on the game field contains only one instance of each symbol.



Build an interstellar empire by sending ships to conquer other planets, including your opponent's planets.


Conquer the world using your armies. Attack and conquer neighboring countries and expand your army. All at the comfort of your computer.



A character constructor game for kids. Drag different facial parts onto Mr. Potato and come up with the funniest face you can.


KTux is a Tux-in-a-spaceship screen saver. Note: This app is not part of KDE Games