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    This page is a translated version of the page Digikam/Duplicates and the translation is 31% complete.

    Encontrar imágenes duplicadas en digiKam

    Traducido del blog de Mohamed Malik el 14 de febrero de 2011.

    En este momento estoy descubriendo las características de digiKam una por una y me gustaría compartirlas con vosotros a medida que lo hago.

    Here is how to filter and locate duplicate images and look-alikes on your library. If you are like me and have a huge number of pictures in your database then this feature is definitely worth it. However in order to use the feature you need to do something first. I tried and tried to find duplicates but couldn't do it, due to this.

    First go to Tools on digikam's tool bar and from there go to Rebuild Fingerprints. Just like the thumbnail generating option that I wrote last night this has two options.


    this option scans your library for missing fingerprints... fast.
    Rebuild all
    this option scans all of your images for fingerprints and rebuild them... slow.

    When you have done that it is easy to identify duplicates from there. In the left side bar click the icon like the wand and you will get 3 options. Here i will talk about the last option Duplicates. When you do to the duplicates section you will get a menu like below where you will be asked which folder to search. Choose a folder.

    Then click the button Find Duplicates.

    When the folder is scanned it will show you pictures on the left hand side that might be duplicates. And when you select a particular image it will show you the duplicates and look-alikes. Here is an example: