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  Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor, o edtior de texto avanzado de KDE), la hermana mayor de las aplicaciones de edición de texto

Kate tiene todas las características de KWrite, y muchas más. Es un editor multi-documento o multi-vista, lo que significa que puedes tener abiertos varios documentos al mismo tiempo, o puedes tener varias vistas de un mismo documento.

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The development of Kate started in fall 2001 by Christoph Cullmann. The first release was as part of the KDE Software Compilation 2.2. In July 2014 Kate started being ported to KF5.


Kate's many features include

  • Multi-Document Interface
  • Window tabbing and window splitting
  • Character encoding support and conversion
  • Syntax highlighting and bracket matching
  • Code and text folding
  • Auto-indentation
  • Auto-completing
  • Block selection
  • Regular Expression find and replace
  • Scriptable using JavaScript
  • Project support documented here

and much more

Editando Latex en Kate
Kate mostrando los resultados de una consulta SQL
Editando la fuente html de la página del proyecto

Visita las páginas del proyecto para más información

Preguntas más frecuentes

Where did Kate go?
It is often thought that Kate is missing, as it is usually not listed in distribution repositories. In fact it is now part of a larger development package, so you must install kdesdk.
How can I print out with Line Numbers?
In the Print dialog click on the Options button, choose the Text Settings tab and tick the Print line numbers box.