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    Lokalize is the localization tool for KDE and other open source software

    Lokalize is also a general computer-aided translation system (CAT) with which you can translate OpenDocument files (*.odt). Translate-Toolkit is used internally to extract text for translation from .odt to .xliff files and to merge translation back into .odt file.

    Lokalize with French translation of Konqueror

    Compiling Lokalize from KDE trunk

    Install libkf5i18n-dev, libkf5completion-dev, libkf5itemviews-dev, libkf5sonnet-dev, kross-dev headers packages and libhunspell-dev. Then:

    git clone git://anongit.kde.org/lokalize


    git clone [email protected]:lokalize


    cd lokalize
     mkdir build
     cd build
     cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo ..
     make -j2

    Downloading Lokalize binaries for Windows

    The latest release build of Lokalize for Windows is available on the KDE Binary Factory

    The latest nightly build of Lokalize for Windows is also available on the KDE Binary Factory

    Tips and tricks

    Search in files

    Translation Memory (TM) now keeps track of where each translation pair came from. So when you want to search for string in the files on disk, you just drag the directory with those files onto translation memory tab (F7) to update TM, wait a minute or two, then type your string into right field of Translation Memory tab, then press Enter.

    Then you click on one of results and this opens appropriate file, on the appropriate entry. When you want to do another search during the same day, you skip the updating step and just type what you're searching for. You can filter TM search results by filename using the field left side of the F7 panel (Filemask).


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