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  • 如果不是中文截图,请把语言设为相应的语言
  • 把图片存为 PNG 格式
  • 最好使用默认设置(图标、配色、风格、窗口、应用设置等等)
  • 最好使用混成 系统设置里的桌面效果模块),如果你的显卡不支持混成那就别用了,别担心。
  • 最好使用 9 点的 “Liberation Sans” 字体
  • 如果截图展现的是部分桌面,最好使用 plasma 的默认背景。如有可能,给图片留个边(约20像素),这样就不像把窗口阴影给去了
  • 如果是张中文截图,请用原来的英文文件名,外加 “zh-cn” 这个语言码
  • 如果更新已有截图,请用相同的文件名,这样就自动更新了(常见 上传图片).


In this example Spectacle is used, but other screen capture applications work as well.

Capturing a shot of Spectacle using Window under cursor
  1. Start Spectacle
  2. Choose a Capture mode (1) from the following:
    Current Screen (only visible on a multi-screen environment)
    Everything on the single screen is captured, usually used for desktop screenshots.
    Full Screen
    This works differently, depending on whether you have a single screen or a multi-screen environment. For single screen users it captures everything currently on the screen. Multi-screen users will see it capture all screens into a single window.
    Window Under Cursor
    The content of an applications or dialog window is captured. usually used for application screenshots. Preferably, check the Include window decorations option (2).
    Only a region to be defined later is captured.
  3. Click on New Snapshot (3).
    Full Screen
    Current Screen
    Window Under Cursor
    Click anywhere on the screen to take the snapshot.
    1. Use the mouse to draw a rectangle around the region to be captured (for example around a window).
    2. Strike the Enter key or double click in the region to take the snapshot.
  4. Click on Save As... (4).
  5. Browse to the location you want to save the image, give it a name (name.png) and click on Save

To upload the image:

  • If you are making a new version of an existing image, see Update an Image
  • If you are making a new image go to Upload File under Tools in the right margin. That brings you to a page, where you can upload the image file.


  • The Snapshot delay option (5) makes Spectacle wait a given amount of time (given in seconds) before taking the snapshot. This can be useful in many situations, for example when taking screenshots of drop-down menus
  • It's often useful to create a separate user for taking screenshots to ensure a standard look with the default settings.
  • Use Type: Color in the wallpaper settings to get a white background.


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