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  • 申请加入翻译组:
    • 点击侧栏的翻译权限
    • 点击编辑图标 Userbase-edit.png,然后输入您的用户名和语言,以及是否想线下翻译
    • 点击保存页面保存
  • 加入翻译组后(有邮件通知),点击侧栏的翻译统计开始翻译
  • 如果 UserBase 界面是英文,没有显示页面标题,在 语言代码 输入要翻译的语言,并点击 Go.

  • 点击要翻译的页面
  • 翻译页面, 设置第一个下拉列表选择 查看所有未翻译信息,或者选择 检查所有已翻译信息 完善翻译过的页面。
  • 检查语言代码是 zh-cn
  • 导航 部分,点击要翻译信息左边的链接
  • 输入翻译——谷歌翻译仅供参考,您自己的翻译经常更好
  • 单击保存并打开下一条继续翻译;或者单击保存本页停止翻译工作。
别手动创建 xxx/zh-cn 页面,翻译系统会自动创建这些页面。手动创建会打乱翻译系统,任何翻译都不会显示。





把 "Category" 这个英语单词想成一个系统保留词,别翻译他。比如,[[Category:Administration]]应译为[[Category:管理//zh-cn]]

为保持一致,我们都有个Category Translation 简体中文 to 正體中文表来供您——也希望您——翻译时比照。

链接到其他 UserBase 页面

These take the form [[Special:myLanguage/Other page|link text]] The link should remain untranslated, whereas the link text should always be translated. If no link text is present, please add a suitable (translated) link text. Note, that this also goes for subpage links, ie. links of the form [[Special:myLanguage/Page#Section|link text]].

Note: "myLanguage" will try to load the translated version of the link in the language you have set in your user preferences. If it fails to load it will just load the English original, so it is safe to use it for any internal link.


These take the form [ link text] Like the internal links, retain the actual link and translate the link text.


侧栏这些链接的翻译说明在 Modifying_the_Sidebar#Translating_Sidebar_Items


These generally consist of a header word "Information" or "Note" and an editable information text. If the word "Information" is not in your language, you may need a localized version of the template.

Usually, you need to add a forward slash and a specific language code to show the title in your own language. For example, in the picture on the right-hand side, zh-cn is the language code for Chinese(China Mainland)
Info box translation.jpg

The following pictures show the result:

Info box (before translated).png
Info box (after adding Chinese language code).png.png

某段译文标为 fuzzy

Sometimes it may happen that you have translated a page, but the translation is marked as incomplete. Certain errors in the markup of the original page can cause this. The most common type of error is the appearance of unbalanced brackets or parentheses. The translation system requires that all opening brackets ('[', '{' or '(' ) have a matching closing bracket (']', '}' or ')' ) in the same translation unit, otherwise the translation is considered incomplete.

The same rule is not enforced by the wiki software, so it is easy for writers to miss those mistakes. If a bracket character is simply missing, just add it. However, sometimes the bracketed content extends over more than one translation unit, so that the matching closing bracket is in later unit. In this case you need to balance brackets in both units, but you can't simply add bracket characters without changing the meaning or formatting, so you must must comment out the added bracket character, like this

<!--}}-->{{Info|1=Beginning of long info box... 

and in a later unit

 ...end of long info box}}<!--{{-->

If the offending bracket is part of a smiley, you can replace it with an emoticon icon. For the standard smiley, :-), you can use the template {{Smiley}}

Please also correct the original page so other translators won't have the same problem, or leave a message on the discussion page.

Language Statistics discrepancies

You may notice some slight discrepancy between the percentages stated on your LanguageStats page and the percentage on the language bar. This is normal. LanguageStats compares only the number of messages that are untranslated or outdated. The language bar statistic tries to be more intelligent. For instance, in one page (100 messages) 8 messages had a small (re-branding-releated) change, in each case, a single word was involved. There was 8% difference between the two statistics, since it was a substantial proportion of the messages, but a small proportion of the whole translation.


Be aware that there seems to be some sort of caching problem on the Chromium browser. I have noticed that even with forced refreshes, sometimes statistics do not show up as they should (I have seen other things affected, too), yet if I open the same page in Firefox I see the correct stats.


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