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  • 您是系統管理員,每天增加12個新用戶。 你希望新用戶擁有相同的設定但KDE Plasma桌面的預設值不符合
  • 您是系統管理員,需要修改所有用戶的桌面或系統設定。 登入為該用戶再用系統設定修改並不是一種好選擇。
  • 你有幾台KDE 桌面的機器,也許在工作中的電腦在proxy內,一台在家裡和一些進行測試的虛擬機。您要頻繁地重新安裝電腦,希望您的設定將再次套用。

不管怎樣,你都是要改 ~/.kde 或 ~/.kde4 或 /usr/local/share 或 /usr/share的設定檔案。


當創建一個新的用戶時複製 /etc/skel目錄的內容到他的家目錄。如果今後您要想修改所有用戶的設定,只需要修改/etc/skel目錄中的檔案。


To change the default browser, use the program System Settings. However, there are situations where you cannot call kcmshell5 to open System Settings. In this case you can use the following script. It changes the default browser to Firefox:

# This file sets up a computer as tstaerk likes it. Call it after you have performed the OS installation.
# 1. set default browser to firefox # 1.1. for SUSE Linux, where we have to look in .kde4 instead of .kde # The key for default browser is BrowserApplication. cd cd .kde/share/config # first delete all the old entries for BrowserApplication sed -i 's/BrowserApplication\[\$e\]=.*//g' kdeglobals # add BrowserApplication to the General section if a General section exists sed -i 's/\[General\]/\[General\]\nBrowserApplication\[\$e\]=!firefox/g' kdeglobals # add a General section and the key BrowerserApplication if no General section exists grep "\[General\]" kdeglobals || echo -e "\n[General]\nBrowserApplication[\$e]=!firefox" >> kdeglobals

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