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After getting familiar with the Plasma Desktop , you should learn how to customize you own Desktop. As we have shown in the previous chapter , the Plasma Desktop is very different from traditional desktop such as Microsoft Windows. You can customize the desktop easily because the plasma Desktop is designed flexible. There is servel thing you may need to do , and we will provide you some example to help you to learn to do that.


The Plasma Desktop provide a lot a types of wallpaper. You may be used to use an image file as the wallpaper. Of course you can do that when you are using the Plasma Desktop. But there are many more types of wallpaper: color , mandelbort , pattern , slideshow . You can even let the wallpaper change with the time of the day. And you can also choose different wallpapers for different weather ( Of course , to use this function , you need to connect to the Internet).

There are many types of activities provided in the Plasma Desktop. You may add or delete an activity easily. Most users may choose the activity "Desktop". But for users who have already gotten used to MS Windows , they may choose the activity "Folder view". There are also some more activities.

There are many different Desktop Wigets provided in the Plasma Desktop. This chapter will teach you how to add , configure and remove a wiget. Also , you can download new wigets through the Internet , it's quite easy , too. With these wigets , you can watch the CPU usage , do caculations , microblog , read news , read a comic , or even memorize vocabulary just on the Desktop.