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== Tutorials ==
== Tutorials ==
:* [[Dolphin/File Management#Discover Dolphin|Discover Dolphin]]
:* [[Special:myLanguage/Dolphin/File Management#Discover Dolphin|Discover Dolphin]]
:* [[Dolphin/File_Management#File_System_Navigation|File System Navigation]]
:* [[Special:myLanguage/Dolphin/File_Management#File_System_Navigation|File System Navigation]]
:* [[Dolphin/File_Management#Archive_Management_in_Dolphin|Archive Management in Dolphin]]
:* [[Special:myLanguage/Dolphin/File_Management#Archive_Management_in_Dolphin|Archive Management in Dolphin]]
:* [[Dolphin/Batch_Rename|Rename multiple files at the same time]]
:* [[Special:myLanguage/Dolphin/Batch_Rename|Rename multiple files at the same time]]
Also see the '''[http://dolphin.kde.org Dolphin Website]'''
Also see the '''[http://dolphin.kde.org Dolphin Website]'''

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The dedicated file manager with hidden talents

Feature Overview

  • Simple to use and dedicated file manager
  • Focus on usability
  • Breadcrumb navigation bar
  • Optional panels for convenient navigation and information display
  • Remote and pseudo-filesystem file management through KIO
  • Tag files and folders

At first look, this is a simple file manager, but it has many talents. Some features include:

  • Split windows - view and use two directories at the same time
  • Viewing attributes can be set (and remembered) independently for each window
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Use the optional informational panel on the right
  • Or elect to have essential attribute information displayed in the window
  • Use 'breadcrumb' navigation for speed
  • One-click change to editable navigation bar
  • Add Folders panel for traditional navigation
  • Add a terminal in the directory you are currently browsing
  • Many functions controlled by keyboard shortcuts


Also see the Dolphin Website and the Dolphin Handbook.


File management, file manager, file browser, tags, metadata, Nepomuk

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