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Dolphin is a lightweight file manager. It has been designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, while still allowing flexibility and customization. This means that you can do your file management exactly the way you want to do it. You will find more information on how to handle Dolphin in this tutorial or in the official Handbook.

  • 易用並專門的檔案管理員
  • 致力於可用性
  • 「麵包屑」(Breadcrumb)導航列
  • 提供可選的方便的導航和信息顯示面板
  • 透過KIO支持遠端和虛擬檔案系統的檔案管理
  • 可標記檔案和資料夾


  • 分割視窗-在同一時間查看使用2個目錄
  • 每個視窗可設定(和記憶)獨立的視圖屬性
  • 標籤式瀏覽
  • 右側採用可選的信息面板
  • 或者選擇在窗口內顯示基本屬性信息
  • 使用「麵包屑」(breadcrumb)導航加速操作
  • 一鍵切換到可編輯的位址欄
  • 加入傳統目錄導航檔案夾面板
  • 在當前瀏覽的目錄打開一個終端
  • 多數功能都支持鍵盤快捷鍵操作



Problem: When I choose the application to open a specific filetype with, it seems to affect other filetypes too. It’s like Dolphin cannot tell the difference between the two different filetypes.

Solution: Probably the KDE platform does not know about one of the two filetypes, so it associates the filetype to a different, known filetype. This is common with XML-based filetypes; even if they use a file extension of their own (e.g. .xliff or .graphml), if they are not a filetype known by the KDE platform, they will be treated as any other XML file, and opened with the default application to open XML files.
To solve this issue, you can use File Associations to create an entry for the unrecognized filetype.

Problem: Dolphin's Find File service doesn't find files you know are on your computer.

Solution: Reindex Baloo. Baloo is a file indexing and search service that Dolphin uses to search for files. It needs to be indexed to work. To solve this problem, in a terminal type, balooctl check

Problem: There is no file transfer dialog.

Solution: As of KDE 5 jobs like file transfers are handled by default in centralized notification system; file transfer is also shown in task manager. To enable separate file transfer dialog disable file transfer tracking on both the System Tray notification area and the task manager plasmoid and re-login.