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  • 易用并专门的文件管理器
  • 致力于可用性
  • 面包屑(Breadcrumb)导航栏
  • 提供可选的方便的导航和信息显示面板
  • 通过KIO支持远程和虚拟文件系统的文件管理
  • 通过Nepomuk标记文件和文件夹


  • 拆分窗口 - 在同一时间查看使用2个目录
  • 每个窗口可设置(和记忆)独立的视图属性
  • 支持多标签页浏览
  • 右侧采用可选的信息面板
  • 或者选择在窗口内显示基本属性信息
  • 使用'面包屑(breadcrumb)'导航来加快操作
  • 一键切换到可编辑的地址栏
  • 添加传统目录导航文件夹面板
  • 在当前浏览的目录打开一个终端
  • 多数功能都支持键盘快捷键操作



Dolphin is a file manager focusing on usability. When reading the term Usability people often assume that the focus is on newbies and only basic features are offered. This assumption is wrong.

Target User Group

Focusing on usability means that features are discoverable and efficient to use. The feature set is defined indirectly by the target user group of Dolphin:

  • Lisa: Lisa is familiar with computers since 10 years. Due to her job she has experience with Word, Excel and Outlook. At home she mainly uses the computer for browsing the web and writing e-mails. She requires a file manager for managing photos from the camera, documents she gets per e-mail or PDF-documents she downloads with a browser. Lisa knows concepts like folders and a file hierarchy, but she is not familiar with the file hierarchy of Linux.
  • Simon: Simon has been a developer at a software company for 8 years. At home he uses a file manager to maintain his large collection of photos and music. Additionally he owns a small homepage and needs to transfer updated files on the FTP server. Moving and copying files are regular tasks in Simon's workflow.

Not part of the target user group of Dolphin are Fred and Jeff:

  • Fred: Fred is 75 years old and is able to write e-mails and browsing the web. He is not familiar with file hierarchies and stores all his documents on the desktop.
  • Jeff: Jeff is Linux-freak since the age of 16 a few years ago. He is developer and in his spare time he acts as administrator for a small company. Jeff has two monitors to keep the overview about his huge number of opened applications.

This does not mean that Fred or Jeff cannot work with Dolphin. But there might be features and concepts of Dolphin that overburden Fred. Also Jeff might miss some features which are a must-have for his daily work.

Non-Intrusive Features

Before a feature is added in Dolphin, it is checked whether the feature is mandatory for the target user group. If this is not the case, then this does not mean that the feature cannot be added; first it must be clarified whether the feature might be non-intrusive, so that it adds value for users outside the primary target user group of Dolphin. Non-intrusive is mainly related to the user interface. A feature that adds a lot of clutter to the main menu, context menus or toolbar might harm the target user group. In this case the feature will not be added.

A good example of a feature that is non-intrusive is the embedded terminal in Dolphin. It only requires one entry inside a sub menu, but adds great value for Jeff, who is not part of the target user group.


Options are mandatory as the user "average Joe" does not exist. Still it is not the goal of Dolphin offering options for all kind of things. Again the focus is on the possible needs of the target user group. Each additional option makes it harder finding other options, so the same rules for features are applied to options too.


  • 问题:Dolphin 的菜单项 视图 - 额外 和/或 视图 - 面板 没有任何选项。系统设置的 Nepomuk 已经启用。
  • 解决方法:重命名这个文件夹 ~/.kde4/share/apps/dolphin (有些发行版是 ~/.kde/share/apps/dolphin 路径),重启 Dolphin。这会重置 Dolphin 的所有设定,重现菜单项。如果一切正常了,你可以删掉改名后的那个文件夹。这个问题在我升级 KDE 4.4 到 4.5 途中发生过。

问题: 当我选择用一个应用程序打开指定的文件类型,看起来似乎也影响了其它的文件类型。似乎 Dolphin 不知道 两种不同文件类型 的不同。

解决方法: 也许 KDE 平台不知道这两个文件类型中的一个,所以它把这个文件类型与一个不同的,已知的文件类型关联了。这在基于 XML 的文件类型是很常见的;即使它们使用自己的文件扩展名 (例如 .xliff.graphml),如果它们不是 KDE 平台已知的文件类型,它们会被当成其他任何的 XML 文件,并且使用默认 XML 文件的程序打开。
为了解决这个问题,您可以看 文件关联 中的 为未识别的文件类型添加条目

Problem: Dolphin's Find File service doesn't find files you know are on your computer.

Solution: Reindex Baloo. Baloo is a file indexing and search service that Dolphin uses to search for files. It needs to be indexed to work. To solve this problem, in a terminal type, balooctl check

Problem: There is no file transfer dialog.

Solution: As of KDE 5 jobs like file transfers are handled by default in centralized notification system; file transfer is also shown in task manager. To enable separate file transfer dialog disable file transfer tracking on both the System Tray notification area and the task manager plasmoid and re-login.

Also see forums and the Dolphin Handbook.


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