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Kate(KDE 高階文本編輯器),文字編輯器的大姐

Kate 擁有KWrite所有的功能,外加更多其他的。它是一個多文件或多檢視編輯器,意思是你可以同時打開多個文件或是對同個文件使用多種檢視。

"文檔修改" 警告

Kate's many features include

  • Multi-Document Interface
  • Window tabbing and window splitting
  • Character encoding support and conversion
  • Syntax highlighting and bracket matching
  • Code and text folding
  • Auto-indentation
  • Auto-completing
  • Block selection
  • Regular Expression find and replace
  • Scriptable using JavaScript

and much more

Editing Latex in Kate
Editing the project page html source

Visit the project pages for more information


  • Where did Kate go? It is often thought that Kate is missing, as it is usually not listed in distribution repositories. In fact it is now part of a larger development package, so you must install kdesdk.

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