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The KDE Community is friendly and helpful, so here you'll find hints on where to get help, and some guidance on using the different channels.

Asking Questions properly and hints about things to check before you ask, and information to gather.
You will often be asked "which distro do you use?" If that sounds confusing, What is a distribution (distro)? will explain for you.
Here is how to chat with other KDE users. Also a list of IRC Channels is available.
Mailing Lists for help in using KDE applications. You receive all mail that goes to a Mailing List.
Forums are where you leave a message and check later for replies. Look for the check-box to get notifications of replies.
Websites lists KDE-related sites, as well as articles about using KDE software.
Troubleshooting is the place to look for help with configuration or hardware problems.
The world of computing abounds with strange words and unfamiliar concepts. In The Jargon File you will find an explanation of some of them.

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