KOffice Data Integration

Mike McBride

The applications which make up KOffice are capable of a fine degree of integration between each other.

Im-status-message-edit.png Note
Because the actual process of inserting a component varies depending on the application, this chapter will not detail every step of the process. You will need to be familiar with the basics of using the other application in order to correctly insert a component from that application

Refer to the help files of the other applications for more specific information.

General instructions

There are two ways to insert a component (spreadsheet, presentation, graph, etc) from another application in KOffice:

  • Selecting Insert->Object Frame from the menubar.
You will be given a list of KOffice applications to choose from. Select the application you desire.
  • or by clicking Kpart.png on the toolbar.
A dialog box will appear with a list of KOffice applications to choose from. Select the application you desire.

KWord will now ask you to define a frame for this object. Place the mouse pointer where you want the upper left corner of the frame to be located. Click and hold with the left mouse button. Drag the mouse to draw a square for your new object. When you are happy with the size of the object frame, release the left mouse button

KWord will now execute the application you selected from within KWord. The details of each application are different. Please see the application manuals for the specific KOffice application for details on the use of that application. (In other words, from this point on, if you insert a spreadsheet from KSpread, then the windows will act the same as KSpread.)

Working with the inserted component

To edit the data within the component, simply double click with the mouse pointer and KWord will change the toolbars, menuitems and application structure to match the KOffice application. This way, you can use the application specific tools to refine your component.

Im-status-message-edit.png Note
The frame that contains the embedded data, can be manipulated the same as any other frame in KWord.

When you save your document, the component is saved within the KWord document.

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