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Kickoff 程式啟動器


Kickoff can be changed to function like a more speedy, traditional menu-based application launchers by right-clicking on the menu icon and selecting Show Alternatives.... Of course, if you do that, you trade the "benefit" of Kickoff's search box for superior usability. Application Menu also has a search box.

Kickoff Application Launcher , the default
then switch to...
"Application Menu", customizable using KDE Menu Editor !

打開 Kickoff

要打開 Kickoff,只需輕點Plasma桌面右下角(通常情況下是此位置)的按鈕。在 Kickoff 的頂部你會看見搜索框,在底部你會看見五個選項卡: 收藏夾應用程式電腦最近使用 以及 離開。你所選的選項卡的內容會在中間顯示。被隱藏的內容通過滾動菜單即可顯示。你也可以調整 Kickoff 的大小:用你的滑鼠指針抓住 Kickoff 的右上角(游標會變為雙箭頭游標)並移動來改變大小。


添加到 收藏
刪除 收藏

This tab offers you access to some of the most used applications. Of course you can adjust this selection to your needs. Drag an entry around and drop it at another place in the list to sort it your way. Right clicking an entry gives you even more options: you can remove that entry (Remove From Favorites), copy it to the panel (Add to Panel) or the desktop Add to Desktop or sort all entries alphabeticallySort Alphabetically (A to Z).


Menu applications.png

This tab gives you access to all installed applications, divided into several categories like Office or Internet. Click on a category to see what applications are available in that category. To return to the overview, use the breadcrumbs on the top of the application list. Right clicking on an application entry brings you some options for the entry: Add to Favorites, Add to Panel or Add to Desktop.

From KDE 4.11, a new menu called 'Recently Installed' can be used to find newly installed applications easily. If it is not enabled, right click on the launcher icon, choose Application Launcher Settings, and enable Show 'Recently Installed' checkbox. The newly installed applications will be seen in that entry for three days.


Menu computer.png

On the Computer tab you will find some links to system applications (like System Settings), your favorite places (configured via Dolphin), and available storage media. Again, right-clicking those entries will bring you some options to add them to the desktop (Add to Desktop) or panel (Add to Panel).


您最近使用的應用程式和文檔會在這裏出現。注意,只有通過 Kickoff 打開的應用程式才會被記錄在這個列表中。 右鍵單擊一個專案依舊會提供與前幾項相同的菜單,裏面包括“添加到……”以及清空歷史記錄的選項。


Menu leave.png






Program on desktop
Program on panel



Besides Kickoff, other application launchers - e.g. KRunner - are available which may fit your needs better. See the page Plasma application launchers for more details.

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