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rekonq FAQs, Tips and Tricks

How do I set rekonq as my default browser?

Head to System Settings -> Default Applications. Here, click on Web Browser to set your default browser. Select to open http and https URLs in the following browser and enter

rekonq %u

as the browser. Click Apply.

Setting rekonq as the default web browser

How do I load flash on demand?

Click on the configuration menu button, and open the Configure rekonq dialog. Click on WebKit and under Plugin settings, select to Manually Load Plugins. Click OK.

Setting rekonq to not automatically load plugins

How do I make rekonq behave like chrome/chromium?

Using KWin's window tabbing feature, we can make rekonq emulate the behavior of chromium by opening new windows instead of tabs within the same window. This will not however allow each window of rekonq to crash independently - all windows of rekonq crash as a single process. It merely emulates the look of chromium, giving individual controls for each webpage you load.

Click on the configuration menu button and open the Configure rekonq dialog. Click on Tabs. Unselect all options to disable all tab handling in rekonq. Now, rekonq will always open new windows instead of tabs.

Now, we'll set up KWin to automatically tab all rekonq windows together. Head to System Settings -> Window Behavior. Select Window Behavior on the left and go to the Advanced tab. Here, under Window Tabbing, check Automatically group similar windows. Click Apply.

Now, rekonq will open windows by default which will automatically get tabbed together.

rekonq 0.5.0 configuration
System Settings configuration
The result

How do I enable Adblock?

Adblocking should already be enabled for you using the Easylist adblock subscription. You can further configure it by clicking on the configuration menu button and opening the Configure rekonq dialog. Click on AdBlocK Filters. Here, you can add custom filters using wildcard strings (e.g.*) or regular expressions within forward slashes (e.g. //(ads|dclk)\./).

Clicking Apply activates your adblock filters instantly.

rekonq 0.5.0 AdBlocK (automatic) configuration
rekonq 0.5.0 AdBlocK (manual) configuration

I have more questions!

If you have rekonq installed, you can load up the Help document (just press F1) for more information. A user-generated manual is also available here. KDE Forums is always a good place to ask user-specific questions.

The rekonq website has release announcements for the latest stable and unstable releases along with more helpful links. You can also contact the developers on the #rekonq IRC channel or the mailing list with more questions.

How do I contribute?

See above for now.