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    Problem with PrevNext links

    When the names of pages get very long, the prevnext link doesnt look good. I guess there is no good solotion to this problem other than avoiding overly long page names. Btw. this paragraph also shows the dreaded thumbnail problem: The initial part of the text following the image will be used as caption if the image has no caption defined, resulting in odd formatting.

    I don't understand the last sentence (possibly because I can't read Danish ) Can you show an English example, please? annew (talk) 07:36, 27 November 2012 (UTC)
    Well, thats because it makes no sense anymore. Ingo fixed the problem in the meantime. (I assume you are referring to the text below the image.)

    Problem with long <menuchoice>'es

    Problem in first paragraph after list

    The content of a <menuchoice>...</menuchoice> seems to treated as an unbreakable unit. Sometimes menu selection sequences can be quite long, leading to very short lines and odd looking paragraphs. In the first paragraph below the list in the image above, it would be desirable to have a linebreak after "Sort By".

    Dec. 6, 2011

    Edited a number of updated units. After editing, a few of them still showed up in Special:LanguageStats as if they had not been updated. When opening one of these units, it still showed the old contents. Trying to edit it once more (in UserBase - didn't try it off-line) an error message resulted and nothing changed. Pages in question: Plan and Dolphin (originally also Tables, but later it could be edited). The translated pages display the updated texts, but the page is still marked out of date.

    When viewing Special:LanguageStats with the option "Suppress completely translated message groups" checked, I didn't see untranslated messages in any of the Amarok pages. Some did show up if I removed the check mark and displayed all messages (didn't have time to check whether some were still missing).

    Dec. 7, 2011

    Plan and Dolphin still marked fuzzy, but units in Special:Translate page now holds the recently corrected text, and fuzzy marking can now be removed. Still no sign of Amarok pages.

    A few minutes later: After making the above edits and adding the paragraph above to this page, I returned to Special:LanguageStats and reloaded. Result: Plan and Dolphin pages no longer show up as fuzzy and Amarok pages reappeared! And that includes those pages that have been missing about a week.

    Not all is well with UserBase. I just discovered, that the pages Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/OrganizeCollection/da, Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/RemoteCollections/DAAP/da and Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/WorkingWithMediaDevices/da has been marked as fuzzy, but it does not show up in Special:Translate.

    Just before closing time, Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/OrganizeCollection/da showed up in Special:LanguageStats.

    Dec. 21, 2011

    Just as I though the problems were solved I came across Amarok/Manual/AmarokWindow/ContextPane/da, which does not show up in my Special:LanguageStats. The English page was last edited on 6. dec; the Danish page was updated by FuzzyBot immediately after that.

    Same issue with Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/RemoteCollections/DAAP/da. The English page was last edited (by myself as it happens) on 1. dec; the Danish page was updated by FuzzyBot on 6. dec.

    Ditto Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/WorkingWithMediaDevices: English page edited 3. dec, Danish page visited by FuzzyBot on 6. dec.

    An unrelated problem: Special:WhatLinksHere seems unreliable! On KColorEdit fx, it reports being link to by Italian, Spanish and two kinds of Chinese Applications/Graphics pages but not by the original English one nor the Dansih translation, both of which also link to it (plus several more, presumably).

    Dec. 27, 2011

    Amarok/Manual/Various/TroubleshootingAndCommonProblems/da was updated by FuzzyBot on 24. Dec., and is shown as 78% complete but doesn't show up in Special:LanguageStats. The pages mentioned on the 21. Dec. are still missing from Special:LanguageStats.

    Also Amarok/Manual/Organization/Collection/WorkingWithMediaDevices/da which was noted already on 7. Dec. is still missing.

    Dec. 28, 2011

    Problems mentioned above persist. On the other hand, Words was edited today and almost immediately popped up in my Special:LanguageStats (it is gone again as I updated the translation).

    Jan. 19, 2012

    Problems persists. In the mean time other pages have changed and have consequently shown up in Special:LanguageStats.

    Jan. 26, 2012

    Problems persists. Add Digikam/Tutorials to the list of updated pages, that do not show up in Special:LanguageStats

    Mar. 14, 2012

    Two new problems:

    • KPhotoAlbum was modified. Yesterday I updated the Danish translation. Everything seemed to work, I checked the translation. Today the updated translation seems to have been lost. However, when I upload the po file again, the system sees no changes from the existing translation! Some odd casheing problem again? I have tried action=purge to no avail.
    • Today Tables was moved to Sheets. As a consequence all translations seems to have been lost (histories of translated pages have been retained, though). The page still shows the previously translated languages in the language bar, but they appear to be 100% untranslated, when in fact only the name of the application was changed.
      I propose a rollback to before the move, then trying the move again. If you (and Yurchor) agree I'll do that. annew 17:24, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
      I told Niklas about the problem. He would like to look into it, so I think it's best not to do anything, until he has had a chance to think.Claus chr 18:27, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

    Mar. 17, 2012

    Update to Sheets problem: The Danish translation is marked as 100% complete. However, only English text appear on the Danish page.

    Problem no longer exists (as of Sep. 10, 2016)