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Greetings stranger! Welcome to the wonderful world of KDE. KDE is a worldwide project dedicated to bring the best software to you - for free. Read on and find out what we can offer you and what you can do for us.

An International Community

KDE is more than just software. It is a community made up of programmers, translators, contributors, artists, writers, distributors, and users from all over the world. Our international team is committed to creating the best free software for the desktop and mobile. And not only contributors, but users and fans of KDE software can be found throughout the entire globe, giving help to other users, spreading the news, or just simply enjoying the experience.

Um novo e brilhante local de trabalho

Plasma Desktop.png

KDE started life as a desktop environment over 20 years ago. As activities have grown, KDE is now an international team that creates Free and Open Source Software.

What this means in practice is that the many programs from the KDE community work together to give you the best possible computing experience. Does that mean you can't use a KDE application if you don't use the KDE desktop? Not at all. With the help of one or two extra libraries the applications can be used on almost any Linux desktop. What's more, increasingly that software runs on a variety of other platforms. You can now find many KDE applications running under Windows and Mac OS or other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There are a variety of programs to suit any user's needs, from simple yet powerful text editors, to rocking audio and video players, to the most sophisticated integrated development environment. Plus, KDE applications follow a consistent look and feel across the desktop, giving you a comfortable and familiar experience when using any KDE program.

O software KDE possui muitas outras características que o tornam um ambiente de trabalho topo de gama:

  • Um ambiente de trabalho bonito e moderno
  • Um sistema flexível e configurável, permitindo-lhe personalizar as aplicações sem recorrer muito à edição de arquivos de texto
  • A transparência da rede permite-lhe aceder a arquivos em outras redes e computadores tão facilmente como se estivessem no seu próprio computador.
  • Um mundo de software com centenas, ou até milhares, de programas
  • Disponível em mais de 60 idiomas

Tons of Free Software

O software KDE não é um software qualquer. É Software Livre. Como utilizador, isso é um facto importante, mesmo sem entrar em grandes considerações de ordem técnica ou legal. Porquê? Porque, como software livre, pode usar o KDE sempre que quiser e da maneira que quiser, sem palavras-chave de activação nem limites de instalação. E é livre para compartilhar com os outros também! Assim, não só tem nas mãos um software grande e poderoso, como pode dar à sua família e aos seus amigos a oportunidade de apreciá-lo.

Curioso sobre Software Livre? Leia mais sobre isso no site de Free Software Foundation [1].


A diagram of the various aspects of the KDE Platform

KDE é uma comunidade enorme de pessoas que criam software. O que temos em comum é que todos criamos a partir de uma infra-estrutura que vimos desenvolvendo ao longo de anos: a Plataforma KDE

  • the Plasma workspace - the user interface element, customized for different devices such as PCs, notebooks, or mobile devices
  • the KDE Frameworks - most KDE applications are built with the help of a unified framework. Do you also want to write a killer app? The KDE Frameworks can help you with that!
  • KDE Applications - software programs that are written to utilize the platform

Para mais informações consulte KDE TechBase

Getting KDE Software

Mascot konqi.png

If you are using Windows or Mac OS, a growing number of KDE apps such as Krita or Kdenlive are available for you to download and install. You'll find installers on their pages.

As of right now, some KDE software is for various reasons only on Linux, a free operating system that you can try right now. The community produces KDE neon, a downloadable Ubuntu Linux-based operating system which includes the newest version of KDE.

Helping KDE

KDE can only exist because thousands of dedicated contributors from around the world have given their time. You can help too! There is a task for everybody, and we are looking forward to see how you are going to make KDE better.

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