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default [[Mailing Lists|Mailing Lists]]
default [[Mailing Lists|Mailing Lists]]
desc none
desc none
</imagemap>|| '''[[Mailing Lists|Mailing Lists]]''' for help in using KDE applications. You receive all mail that goes to a Mailing List.
</imagemap>|| 有助于使用KDE程序的'''[[Mailing Lists|电子邮件列表]]'''. 你会收到所有发往邮件列表里的邮件。
| &nbsp;
| &nbsp;

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KDE社区是友好又乐于助人的, 这里你能找到各种不同的寻求帮助和指导的渠道。

询问问题 . 提示询问前的检查和信息收集。
一份 KDE专属的软件和相关问题的IRC频道列表 . IRC 通常回复的很快,但也可能不是即时的。
有助于使用KDE程序的电子邮件列表. 你会收到所有发往邮件列表里的邮件。
Forums are where you leave a message and check later for replies. Look for the check-box to get notifications of replies.
Websites lists KDE-related sites, as well as articles about using KDE software.
Troubleshooting is the place to look for help with configuration or hardware problems.
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