Tutorials/Modify KDE Software Defaults

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There are 3 basic scenarios when you want to modify default settings:

  • You are system administrator and get a dozen new users every day. You want the new users to have certain settings that are not default for a KDE Plasma Desktop
  • You are system administrator and want to change the desktop or system settings of all your users. Logging in as each user and do the changes in System Settings is not an option.
  • You have several KDE desktop machines: maybe a computer at work behind a proxy, a machine at home and some virtual machines for testing. You re-setup computers frequently and want your settings to be rolled out identically afterwards

In any case you will have to make changes to the setting files in ~/.kde or ~/.kde4 or /usr/local/share or /usr/share.


When a new user is created, the content from /etc/skel is copied to his home directory. If you want to change the settings for all future users, just change the files in /etc/skel.


To change the default browser, use the program System Settings. However, there are situations where you cannot call kcmshell5 to open System Settings. In this case you can use the following script. It changes the default browser to Firefox:

# This file sets up a computer as tstaerk likes it. Call it after you have performed the OS installation.
# 1. set default browser to firefox # 1.1. for SUSE Linux, where we have to look in .kde4 instead of .kde # The key for default browser is BrowserApplication. cd cd .kde/share/config # first delete all the old entries for BrowserApplication sed -i 's/BrowserApplication\[\$e\]=.*//g' kdeglobals # add BrowserApplication to the General section if a General section exists sed -i 's/\[General\]/\[General\]\nBrowserApplication\[\$e\]=!firefox/g' kdeglobals # add a General section and the key BrowerserApplication if no General section exists grep "\[General\]" kdeglobals || echo -e "\n[General]\nBrowserApplication[\$e]=!firefox" >> kdeglobals