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This page is a translated version of the page Quick Start and the translation is 11% complete.

Першыраз на UserBase?

UserBase is open for everyone to read. If you want to contribute to UserBase you need to register an account; this has many advantages:

  • You get a user name and a user page which you can use to make drafts.
  • You can watch pages to get notifications if something on the page changes.
  • Your user name makes it easy for other people to recognize your work.
  • You become a part of the KDE community.
  • ... and much more!

Registering is very fast and easy, read on for more information.

Creating an Account

  1. Register a KDE Identity (your username will be combined based on your first and last name given during registration).
  2. After that is done, use the link in the sidebar of this wiki Login with MyKDE. This redirects you to MyKDE, where you need to activate your Identity that was done in the last step.
  3. Back here you are asked if you want to set up a new account or if you want to link to an already existing account, in case you already had one. If so, enter your former username and your old password. If not, simply enter the username you wish to use for this wiki.
  4. Now you are logged in, congrats!

You can now change your profile in Special:Preferences, for example timezone in the Date and time tab.

Finding Pages in the same Category

At the bottom of a page, you should find a category link, which will look like [[Category: Getting Started]]. If a page is relevant to more than one category it might look something like [[Category:Getting Started|Contributing]]. If you hover over the category statement (the real one, not this display dummy) you will see that each of those categories is a link to another page. On that page, you will find a listing of related pages.

Starting to Contribute to English pages


All new content must be in English. The reason is that the translation system allows changes on the English pages to be passed for translation. It is not possible to operate in the reverse, changing a translated page and passing the change back to the English page.

When you are logged in you have an Edit icon (or tab, depending on the theme you use) on every page. Your "My preferences" link will also give you the choice of having edit links for each section. These can be used to make a small edit or add a snippet to an existing page. You might also find it useful to set "Preview" as a default. You will find guidelines on the Modify a Page page.

If you are interested in creating a whole page (or series of pages), you will find a short introduction to relevance of content and on the same page there are links to How-To pages for most common tasks.

Whatever happens, you are not alone. If you hit a problem don't be afraid to ask. Use "Discussion" pages for questions about the topics under discussion - they are usually picked up quite quickly. There is also a forum topic for questions about editing. Quick questions that don't need a lengthy answer can also be asked on Libera Chat IRC, channel #kde-www.


You will find help for many common tasks on the Tasks and Tools page

Above all, we want UserBase to be an enjoyable experience, both for readers and contributors.

Working with page translation

If you want to get started in translating documents, you will find information on Translate a Page. Use the sidebar link to apply for adding to the Translator group. The sidebar link Translation Tools is a good way to monitor what is happening to translations to your language.