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|[[Image:Digikam-banner.png|thumb|250px|left|]] ||'''View, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share photographs.'''
|[[Image:logo-digikam.png|thumb|150px|left|]] ||'''View, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share photographs.'''

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View, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share photographs.

DigiKam supports import of photos from cameras, creation of albums, tagging with dates, subjects and other properties, and excellent search facilities. Please consult the manual for full details, including picture formats supported.

Managing your Photos

The Image Editor

The Camera Interface

The Light Table


For those who find the DigiKam interface a tad too technical, ShowFoto gives access to the same tools, with a popular interface.

  • The project Home Page is here
  • A detailed User Manual is here. You will find these and many other screenshots there.

The support page of the project has links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and to Mailing List subscription details.

There is a short video tour here.

The section on Digital Asset Management is no longer on the web pages, but in the manual, which may be present on your installation as digikam-doc, or you can download a set of .pdf files, digikam.pdf, showfoto.pdf and kipi-plugins.pdf

The blog Open Source Photo Processing Comes of Age by rm42 highlights developments since the KDE 3 version, and provides a useful tour.

Click on the Photography category at the bottom of this page to see a list of available tutorials for Digikam and Showfoto.

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