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KDE 社群網站

使用者可以在網站得到關於 KDE 的一般資訊。它們由 KDE 負責運行或直接隸屬於KDE。

  • The KDE Homepage. Here you will find general information about both KDE software and the KDE Community. There are many links to other resources
  • KDE.news or simply, The Dot. This is the authoritative source of KDE-related news and announcements.
  • Planet KDE. An aggregation of blogs of KDE developers and contributors. These blogs express the opinion of individual people. It may sometimes contain posts unrelated to KDE software.
  • KDE Forums. The official forum of the KDE community. Get or give online support. Brainstorm for projects or applications. Or even just hang around with fellow KDE software lovers.
  • KDE TechBase:高品質的 KDE 開發文件和教學。誰不想插手貢獻 KDE軟體 讓他更完美。
  • KDE Store. More applications for your Plasma Desktop. An online source of third-party applications made by the community. Please note that these are not official KDE applications; they are supported from their individual project webpages. The KDE Store is part of the openDesktop project.
  • KDE Store also provides Eye-candy for your Plasma Desktop. Jazz up your desktop with a large variety of themes, wallpapers, widget styles, icon themes, and more. This is part of the openDesktop project.

KDE 應用程式

Some KDE applications have their own website. Please check with the application's page here in UserBase to see if the program you are looking for has one. The Applications Catalogue gives you an overview of the KDE applications that has a page here on UserBase. Find a list of all official applications from KDE on kde.org.


你有一個專注 KDE軟體或社群 的網站嗎?一篇討論很新很酷的功能或技巧的文章?或者你在一份線上雜誌上看到 KDE 的文章。把他們都列出來讓整個 KDE 世界都看到!


注意:這些網站或文章不受 KDE 社群控制。KDE 社群不會對任何發表的內容或觀點負責。


  • Introducing KDE4. Little articles covering KDE SC4.x - new applications, features, and improvements over its predecessor. (dated)

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