Live CDs - una manera de elegir tu distribución

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Un Live CD te permite probar la última versión estable de KDE SC sin necesidad de instalar Linux ni de cambiar tu instalación de Linux existente. Estas distribuciones se ejecutan completamente desde el CD y no modifican tus discos duros. Por tanto pueden ser probados en un ordenador con Windows sin ningún riesgo. Todos los CDs mostrados a continuación son de descarga gratuita.

KDE Neon

KDE Neon is a KDE project that provides the latest versions of KDE software on top of the latest LTS version of Ubuntu. There are two versions of KDE Neon: the User Edition that comes with the latest released versions of KDE software, and the Developer Edition based on pre-release versions. With the Developer edition you have the choice between using the stable or the unstable branch.


Kubuntu LiveCD

A live CD version of Kubuntu. Kubuntu is a community distribution based on Ubuntu.

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openSUSE no longer offers a live cd of its regular distribution. However, there are live cd's based on the regular distributions but giving you the very latest development versions of KDE software:

openSUSE Argon is based on openSuse Leap (the stable distribution) while openSuse Krypton is based on openSUSE Tumbleweed (the rolling distribution).



Una distribución enfocada a usuarios que quieren lo último y lo mejor que esté disponible en el mundo del Software Libre. Fedora KDE normalmente tiene la última versión estable de KDE en los repositorios, y normalmente hay versiones beta en repositorios extra.

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Originally based on Arch Linux, Chakra is focused solely on KDE workspaces. It is possible to install third party applications, as well.



Mageia is a community based distribution. It is a fork of Mandriva.



Netrunner is based on Kubuntu with it main focus on KDE, and aims to be complete operating system for both beginners and experts.



KaOS is a "rolling release" distribution focused on KDE.



Sabayon is a "rolling release" distribution, meaning that you install once and have your system upgraded as new versions of installed software is added to the distribution. Perhaps not the easiest distribution for users new to Linux.



Korora aims to be easy for new users, but still useful for experts. It is a community project based on Fedora.



Basada en Mandrake (ahora conocido como Mandriva).

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An Indian project, SuperX is based on Ubuntu. From the project site: SuperX uses a tweaked version of KDE and is aimed towards beginners, casual users and business looking for a well supported user-friendly Linux OS.



ROSA, a Russian company, offers their enterprise solution ROSA Marathon 2012 for download. The new ROSA Desktop.Fresh edition is aimed at regular desktop users.


Slax - Live CD

Based on Slackware. With modular structure and pseudo read-write CD filesystem. Slax can be run from a USB Flash Drive. Slax has no graphical installer; if you want to install Slax on your machine, you must follow the simple instructions in the Introduction document.



KXStudio has a focus on audio and video production. Currently, it is based on Ubuntu and has KDE as its officially supported desktop.


Pisi Linux

Pisi Linux is Turkish project building on the original Pardus project. Pisi Linux is a community project.


OpenMandriva Lx

OpenMandriva Lx aims to be easy to get started with but also cater to the advanced user. OpenMandriva is a community project.



Designed to run from a USB flash drive, Porteus is small and fast. Porteus is a community project based on Slackware.



Another KDE-only distribution based on Debian.


A todas horas aparecen nuevos Live CDs y DVDs. Si has oído hablar de una distribución y crees que te gustaría probarla, busca en Internet información para ello. Posiblemente descubras que también hay un Live CD disponible.

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