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一张Live CD就可以体验最新的KDE SC稳定版本,无需安装 Linux 或改变现存的 Linux。这些发行版完全从光盘启动和运行,不修改你的硬盘,因此他们可以在 Windows 电脑上安全地试用。所有列出来的 CD 均可自由免费地下载。

KDE Neon

KDE Neon is a KDE project that provides the latest versions of KDE software on top of the latest LTS version of Ubuntu. There are two versions of KDE Neon: the User Edition that comes with the latest released versions of KDE software, and the Developer Edition based on pre-release versions. With the Developer edition you have the choice between using the stable or the unstable branch.


Kubuntu LiveCD

Kubuntu Linux 的live CD版本。Kubuntu 还提供了 Kubuntu Active 技术预览版本,可以体验 Plasma Active 平板界面。


openSUSE Live-CD

尝试配置了 KDE SC 的OpenSUSE,支持安装到硬盘。

openSUSE Argon is based on openSuse Leap (the stable distribution) while openSuse Krypton is based on openSUSE Tumbleweed (the rolling distribution).


一套定位目标用户群为追新族的发行版。Fedora KDE 的源通常拥有最新的 KDE 稳定版,beta版本通常通过支持的额外源提供。

Fedora 下载页

Fedora Kinoite

Fedora Kinoite is an immutable desktop operating system aimed at good support for container-focused workflows.



Mageia 是 Mandriva 的分支,由社区维护。



基于 Kubuntu,专注于 KDE。目标是成为同时适用与新手和有经验用户的发行版.



KaOS is a "rolling release" distribution focused on KDE.



基于 Mandrake (现在被称作Mandriva)。



An Indian project, SuperX is based on Ubuntu. From the project site: SuperX uses a tweaked version of KDE and is aimed towards beginners, casual users and business looking for a well supported user-friendly Linux OS.



ROSA 是一家俄罗斯公司,其企业解决方案 ROSA Marathon 2012 可以下载。而 ROSA Desktop.Fresh 版本适合正常桌面用户使用。

Pisi Linux

Pisi Linux is Turkish project building on the original Pardus project. Pisi Linux is a community project.


OpenMandriva Lx

OpenMandriva Lx aims to be easy to get started with but also cater to the advanced user. OpenMandriva is a community project.



Designed to run from a USB flash drive, Porteus is small and fast. Porteus is a community project based on Slackware.



Another KDE-only distribution based on Debian.


MX Linux

Starting with release 19.2, which was released on August 15, 2020 MX Linux is also available with KDE Plasma. MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities using best tools and talents from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint. On MX Linux systemd is not used by default. However it can be enabled, if you prefer to use it.[1]



Based on Debian, Nitrux offers an up-to-date Plasma desktop, showcases the Maui apps, and emphasizes AppImages to manage end-user software. Nitrux is also available in a version based on the Linux Libre kernel.


随时都会有新的Live CD和DVD。如果你听说了某个发行版并打算尝试下,在Internet上搜索下它。你可能会找到一份可用 Live CD。

  1. For details check the following entry on MX Linux wiki

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