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Live CD - Cara untuk Memilih Distro Anda

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Sebuah Live CD memungkinkan Anda untuk menguji kandar (drive) yang biasanya merupakan versi stabil terkini dari KDE SC tanpa perlu menginstal Linux atau mengubah instalasi Linux yang sudah ada. Distro Live CD melakukan booting dan menjalankan sepenuhnya dari CD dengan tidak melakukan modifikasi (perubahan) apa pun pada cakram keras (hard disk) Anda. Oleh karena itu, distro Live CD ini dapat dicoba di atas sistem operasi Windows tanpa risiko. Seluruh CD yang dicantumkan di bawah ini bebas untuk diunduh.

Mandriva One

Edisi One dari Linux Mandriva berupa Live CD.

Mandriva One

Kubuntu LiveCD

A live CD version of Kubuntu Linux, Ubuntu's KDE Plasma Desktop option.



A fast paced distro targeting users who want the latest and greatest available in the world of FOSS. Fedora KDE usually has the latest stable version of KDE in the repositories, and beta versions are usually shipped via supported extra repositories.

Fedora download page


Based on Debian, Kudzu by Red Hat. The disk also offers installation to hard drive.



Based on Mandrake (now known as Mandriva).


Slax - Live CD

Based on Slackware. 8cm CD-R. With modular structure and pseudo read-write CD filesystem.


OpenSUSE Live-CD

It allows to try OpenSUSE with KDE SC and install it to hard drive.


Aptosid - successor to Sidux

Aptosid is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, Debian's branch (called "Sid") and many free and open source applications.


Pardus Live

Pardus is a KDE based Linux distro which offers one of the best KDE integration. You can tryout Pardus Live without installation.


Linux Mint

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and Debian and is aimed at beginners. There are versions of Linux Mint for several desktop environments. To download the KDE version, click on the Mint X KDE image (where X is the most recent version, currently 10 as of August 2011).


New Live CDs and DVDs are becoming available all the time. If you've heard of a distro and think you'd like to try it, do an Internet search for it. You may well find that a Live CD is available.

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