Find pages among a given subset of English pages containing a string: {{SearchPages|pages|string}} finds all pages containing the string in pages matching pages. Searches are case sensitive. In order to find both xyz and Xyz use a regular expression: {{SearchPages|...|[Xx]yz}}.

Regular expressions use a perl like syntax. Special characters like '[', '[','(' and ')' need to be escaped.

If the title patterns contain space characters use '_' in stead, i.e. use System_Settings to search all pages whos path name contain System Settings.

No wiki expansion takes place before passing arguments to the template.

Due to the limitations of the underlying database queries, the search should involve less that 500 pages. To check that this limit is not exceeded, the number of pages in each search is also printed. Should the page count exceed 500, some pages will have been ignored. The template then needs to be modified!

Example: {{SearchPages|1=System_Settings|2=[Ss]creen}} gives


 |namespace = 
 |nottitleregexp = .*((/[a-z][a-z](.|-..)?)|([ _][(][a-z][a-z][)]))$
 |titleregexp = System_Settings
 |include = *
 |includematch = @[Ss][email protected]
 |includemaxlength = 0
 |format = ,\n* %TITLE%,,
 |resultsheader = A total of %TOTALPAGES% pages were searched\n


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